The InfoCore Process

Project Lifecycle

Project Initiation
A statement of need and Project Proposal are developed and put presented for approval.

Our developers will work with you to determine the business processes associated with the desired functionality.

Logical Design
InfoCore will determine and document all the data entities and attributes to be included in the systems functionality and the relationships among them. A Functional Dependency Diagram will be created to show all the tables, fields, and dependencies including the business rules that govern specific transactions. Specifications for all reports, forms, displays, and processing rules will be defined and documented.

Physical Design – Construct Phase
Based on the logical design, InfoCore builds the various database objects (tables, forms and reports) and does the programming for each function to be included in the system.

System Architecture - The system will be built using MS Access. The structure consists of a back-end database that stores the actual data and a front-end database that stores the queries, forms, reports and business rules. This structure facilitates data back-up and security particularly during future maintenance and support activities. Front-end databases reside on the client’s computer in its own folder. The database storing the data tables can reside in any location that is accessible to all who need to use the system. Often this is a network file server but it may be a shared file on any computer in the network.

Testing and Implementation
All component functions of the new system are tested, both by InfoCore and by those who will use the system. For larger projects, this may begin sequentially as system componenents are completed. However, for all projects, the entire system is tested once it has been completed. Following sign off, by the client that all the forms and reports meet expectations, final documentation and training will take place. The database is then permanently installed on the client computer system Any data required for system functioning (e.g. staff login and security information, system defaults, dirctories and look-up tables) are populated. If conversion of historical data is included in the project, it will be completed prior to the system “going live.”

InfoCore will monitor and support the operation of the system for a period of time sufficient for all system components to be utilized and evaluated, during which we will perform system maintenance and provide necessary enhancements. This period of time is usually system installation.

Ongoing System Support
Ongoing system support can be contracted through InfoCore. Support contracts run a year in length and make a distinction between system support/maintenance and new development. Unlimited system support and maintenance will be provided throughout the duration of the support contract.

A price will be calculated and presented to the client for review, for any new development that is requested by the client. The cost will be calculated using the system support contract hourly rate which will be specified in the project contract.


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