InfoCore offers a wide range of products and services to help your business get the most out of your IT investments.

Custom Microsoft Access Database Development
InfoCore can design custom database applications based on the needs of your organization. Improve efficiency ratios by taking advantage of the power of our database management tools. The InfoCore Process

Microsoft Access Consulting & Training
InfoCore provides consulting services to assist your company maximize the power of Microsoft Access within your organization. Train your employees to master this powerful application in order to improve office productivity.

A customized 1-2 day Access training class. Taught on-site at your company's location, this class can be presented hands-on or lecture style. All training examples are centered around your specific industry and the level of training is tailored to your employees skill level.

Data Backup and Recovery

Data Deposit BoxRONG> makes instant online backups whenever your files change. There are no procedures to follow. No Schedules to set. Simply set it and forget it. You'll never have to worry about your backup again.

Products & Access Templates


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㣥ss offers an excellenct solution
for database challenges facing
individuals, small teams, and workgroups
across a network at a cost significantly
less than more sofphisticated
alternatives...Access offers tremendous
ROI opportunities and competitive
advantages to those who use it

- Luke Chung, FMS Inc. president
Access Advisor February 2005

130 Maple Street
Dumont, NJ 07628