Technology Support

InfoCore, has partnered with Techsperts LLC to offer a wide range of Technology Support services.

Onsite Support
We come to you. Fast, Friendly, and Informative services provided in your home or office.

Remote Support
Get immediate help! We'll Log into your computer and fix the problem right before your eyes.

Laptop Repair
Laptop broken? Whether you need a motherboard replacement or a simple clean up, Techsperts can help!

Popup Adware & Spyware Removal
Are you constantly bombarded with popup advertisements and mysterious programs running in the background? Techsperts has expert knowledge and experience with eliminating and preventing future malware attacks.

Virus Removal
Computer or network got a bug? We'll rid your system of any virus and provide the tools necessary to protect your assets.

Computer Setup & Customization
Do cryptic user manuals and overwhelming menu options have you confused? Let us tackle your out-of-the-box problems and organize your PC the way you want it. Plain and simple.

Wireless/Wired Network Setup
You have the hardware to run your business. Now what? Let our networking specialists piece together your IT infrastructure in a way that allows you to get work done easily, efficiently, and fast.

Add Device to Existing Network
Techsperts seamlessly integrates new devices to existing networks. We do the work to make sure your system is kept intact for your workforce or home office. Do business your way, never letting new hardware present obstacles.

Computer Maintenance & Optimization
Does your computer need a spring cleaning? Let us take care of all your maintenance needs year-round.

Setup and Install Local or Network Printer
We can handle all printer types & configurations - Inkjet, Multifunction, Laser, Portable, you name it!

Computer Cleaning?
Does your workstation need a face-lift? Let us clean your computer and attached devices the right way with tech-specific products.

Need troubleshooting to navigate troubleshooting? Bypass pages upon pages of diagnostic tools and questions by letting us know what the problem is. Our technicians know how to get your system up and running quickly.

Wireless Security Setup
Worried about data theft and network security? Feel safe knowing we are capable of ensuring network safety while also empowering you to monitor diagnostics and identify threats before they cause any issues.



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